10 scientific interesting things you didn’t know about people.

1.‘’We are interested in people. We love to see people and learn about people, and we love explanations that involve their desires, loves, and conflicts.’’

2.‘’We pay particular attention to things we hope or fear are true. Hopes gives us pleasure, and fear, though we might not particularly enjoy it, demands our attention.’’

3.‘’We love patterns, when we notice regularity in the world, we understand the world better.’’

4.‘’People naturally like sweet tastes.’’

5.‘’People seek information that supports their beliefs rather than evidence that would contradict them.’’

6.‘’One incredible finding in psychology is that we are more likely to like and even believe things that we find easy to understand.’’

7.‘’When people see sentences, again and again, they are more likely to rate them as true even if, when they heard the sentence, they were told that it was false. ‘’

8.‘’The harder you have to work to come up with an idea, or to understand something, the more you will appreciate it. ‘’

9.‘’We perceive attractive people as being more intelligent.’’

10.‘’We like articles  that center on us, that makes human being important.’’

(Riveted Jim Davies).

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