Best ways to make every person interested in you

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Thank you, dear reader, for your valuable time and interest in reading my first blog. I love to share all this valuable information with you. We are all interested in people, we love to learn about others and connect with them. In every aspect of life making friends, finding a job, finding your dream girl or boy depends upon your ability to get along with others and present a positive image of yourself. Are you truly interested in seeing, growing, and learning? I have a lot of valuable information to share with you. I am really passionate about this subject.

Here are some  easy tricks for you;

– A powerful compliment that you will never forget. This is out of my own experience. If you really want to make someone happy with your compliment, instead of telling someone directly of your admiration, tell someone who is close to the person you wish to compliment. I cannot describe how powerful it is. Just try it once.

– Always try to turn the spotlight on the other person. Why? Because truly confident people know that they grow more from listening than by talking.

– The secret to making other people like you is showing your interest in them. Ask questions about their passion, their career and their hobby’s.

 If you want someone’s attention, call them by their name. It’s the sweetest sound for a human to hear their own name.(Dale Carnegie; How to win friends and influence people).

– Never say the phrase thank you alone. Always make it thank you for something. For instance mom; thank you for doing the dishes. If you are intersted in this subject and want to learn more, click the link below.

IF you really interested in this subject click here. If you didn’t read this book then I would highly recommend you. I can tell you that you will see an instaltly change in your relationships with others.


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  1. Great post. Thank you. You might want to look at “Always try to
    Turn the spotlight on other the person” (I think you meant “the other”)

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