5 quick tips to increase your value as a person

What does it mean to become more valuable as a person? It means you increase your knowledge and experiences that give you the wisdom to contribute in a meaningful way in life, business, or a project. You increase your value as you learn more. There is always room for improvement. We all know this, but don’t consciously apply it in our daily life. If you want to increase your value, you have to develop a rich state of mind. You have to become a lifelong learner. The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both usually right. I truly believe in this quote. If you want to become more valuable as a person and inspire others, you have to do the things you never did before. You have to work harder on yourself than on your job.

Think for a moment about what you already have. If you can read what I am writing, if you can think and process ideas, you can increase your value. What is your personal philosophy? The more you know, the more you experience and learn and read the more you earn. What are your most valuable activities? Always do them first. Reading, exercising, meditating, writing, connecting with people. I always plan my activities and try to do them first.

Feed your mind with positive ideas. Think for a moment about your body. If you eat fast food and sugar every day and you don’t exercise, what do you expect in 10 years? It’s the same with your thinking and ideas. If you wake up with bad ideas, or think negative thoughts or say I don’t want to work or I hate my life, and you do nothing than just complaining, gossiping and finding excuses why you’re broke. Do you expect you will attract positive things in your life? No, you will attract more people who are broke, who complain and who also wake up and spend hours of their time thinking negative thoughts.

And this thinking pattern can become a habit, when it becomes a habit you will think those thoughts without being conscious. Imagine you’re in the hospital and you know you have a few hours to live. Do you want to think of your life full of regrets or joy and meaningful life experiences? Imagine creating something meaningful that will impact the world. Imagine how you would feel.

Decide what you want, and write it down as clear as you can. Start attracting people and opportunities that will encourage you to achieve what you want. Have a conscious powerful morning routine, plan your day. Start doing it just for one week, you will definitely see results. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it, challenge yourself, educate yourself, do all the things you want to do. Be conscious about your routines. Your time is limited. How do you spend your time? What do you do first thing in the morning? What do you say to yourself? Be conscious about your conversations with yourself. Did you know that by hearing an idea, true or not, after a lot of times we start to believe it’s true? Start consciously living the life you want. Start consciously feeding your mind with the best ideas. Begin by taking baby steps.

Don’t force yourself in doing everything perfectly right away. Think about the difference your change will make in one month, a year, ten years. Think about the ways you can push yourself, to do the things you know is necessary for your success and happiness in life. You are what you speak, think and believe. Be conscious of your thoughts and actions. We humans beings either move towards what we want or we move away from what we don’t want. Here are five tips that will instantly increase your value as a human;

  1. We are affected by what we know. How do we know more things? We learn from personal experience. First do it wrong then you learn how to do it right.
  2. Learn from the other people’s experiences. Learn from what you see. Be the better observer of the winners and the losers and take notes.
  3. Always keep a journal. Be a good student. If you learn a new idea write it down.
  4. Be a selective listener. Listen to the voices of value, experiences.
  5. Read all the books. Read all the books you need to read. If you want to be healthy, wealthy and happy. When you read you have to sort out valuable ideas and decide what to try in your life. Don’t be lazy in learning.

I would share one idea that had really impacted the way I think. By reading one book you will be inspired for a while, but don’t use ideas in your daily life. By reading daily and especially in the morning, you train your mind to think right. After reading a ton of books I started applying these ideas in my daily life. The moment you make a real breakthrough, a real change, you know the worth of reading. By consciously living the life I want, I have different routines than before. I am conscious about the words I use, especially in private how I am talking to myself. I am constantly asking myself about my reactions, behavior, and words I use. Is it serving me? If it is not serving me then I consciously think, act differently. If you always do what you have done, then why are you expecting different results? If you like my article feel free to subscribe. If you are interested in becoming a valuable person, I recommend you to read the Succes Principles.

I have read the Succes Principles by Jack Canfield. This book is really valuable. This book has changed my life.

87 thoughts on “5 quick tips to increase your value as a person

  1. All of this is so true! Thank you for it, really! Reading is so important and less and less people are doing it either it’s reading a short blog post or an entire 700 pages book! Amazing read for this Sunday, thank you!

  2. I’m feeling inspired after reading this. It’s so important to invest in ourselves. People forget the value of you as a person and value themselves buy their financial worth. Your outlook is far more important way of deeming value.

  3. I absolutely believe in being I lifelong learner. I feel what you said about not having to do everything perfectly right away is especially true for me. I try to remember the quote “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”

  4. I just read through this and I have to tell you that I thought it was great! I couldn’t stop reading and didn’t want it to end! Beautiful insight! Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Very interesting topic and useful tips! I’m trying to follow them, maybe except for the journal. It’s a great idea to have a journal though. 🙂

  6. Great read! It really helps you think of ways you can improve yourself. Many of them are small things that can have a big impact like, listening to other perspectives.

  7. You have a great website! Your tips for traveling alone wow really true! I would love to leave a comment but didnt find where to leave my comment. I have a group for Bloggers with a a few travel Bloggers also. If you want feel free to join. Bloggers for Bloggers!

  8. “and to support this I would bring to my cause all ba2#sn..&r8221;&#8r16;Barrennese’ would be a defect of the process that attraction presumes. The obvious difference between fruitlessness and futility is in the construction of the premise, not in the conclusion.A barren woman – staring at her empty belly every day in growing despair as the years go on and wonders if her husband, always loving, always understanding, should really have to stay if she can’t give him his family – does not share this experience in common with the homosexual. She is not attempting the impossible.

  9. You have no idea how much I needed to read this. I just recently started reading about the law of attraction. Although I am happy, I feel stuck where I am and I feel like I am lacking in personal growth and change some days. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be looking forward to more inspirational posts!


    1. I am so happy that reading years about personal development and working on myself and listening a lot about it I could write an article to just inspire a little others to think different. Your welcome. If you need specific help please p/m me I really can send you a link to youtube channels that changed my thinking. Right now I am busy with inner strength.

  10. Hi, I’m feeling reinsured after reading this post. I often write down what I want for small daily activities. Ticking them oc is satisfying. I shall try and think long term and list a 10 year plan now, all positive of course.

  11. Very thoughtful article, talks about so many everyday values that are so important for each of us to continue as emotionally intelligent human beings . It’s sad how we can easily get caught up in everyday routine that can eventually lead to obsessing about little insignificant things in life .
    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring post


  12. Glad to meet you in this journey. This is a nice article , all valid points here. Let me add a little more, the mind is like water in a pond, it gets stagnant if unused.

  13. Hello friend!
    I agree we all should do our part to create a better society. We must train our thought process so that being kind, compassion, helpful and caring becomes (if not already) a natural instinct!

  14. Hi, what a great read. I was hooked it is always to focus in the positives and learn from others and our previous experiences. I like you comparision of gaining knowledge and how it benefits us compare to eating crap every day at the opposite spectrum. We should indeed wher possible wake up in a positive mind to embrace the day and learn as we go.

  15. Your post really inspires me to think positive and move ahead in life. Reading has always helped me but never thought of writing ideas in a journal. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks so much for this blog. This reminds us that even though we are busy with a lot of things, we still shouldn’t forget to give value to ourselves.
    Well, t’s because, at the end of the day, self-value is really what’s going to help us succeed.

  17. Wow great blog post, very powerful messages especially for women who may struggle to establish worth outside mother, daughter, wife roles. Thank you

  18. As someone who loves to learn, I appreciate this. I recognize that not everyone gets the same joy from learning. But there are many ways to make a contribution. I think the common denominator is intention. I heard intention in the items you mention, and that really resonates with me. Thanks so much for sharing.

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