How to create blog content that gets real (traffic)

In this article, you are going learn how to get real readers for your blog. How can you write content that people want to read? There are so many great bloggers out there how can you stand out when you just started out? Although I also see myself as a beginner, I can share that little experience that I have gained with you. I think each of us can teach the other person something because we are all different and have our own unique approach. If you are interested then keep reading. 
Coming up with new ideas and writing a blog post that people are interested to read is not always easy. Especially when you just started writing, and your reader has a lot of choices. Writing can take a lot of your valuable time. And when you are a mom like me, then that extra hour that you have when your kids are sleeping can be very valuable to you, and you want to spend it well. In the beginning, we can easily judge ourselves by comparing with more experienced bloggers. Writing a blog post is not enough, you have to invest even more time to promote your blog post.
Your blogging voice
In the first month of blogging, I really struggled. How to write a blog post that people want to read. I really wanted to write perfect blog posts. That is the reason why writing became difficult to do. I didn’t allow myself to write what I wanted. I was always searching what is good and what is not. What should I write and what not? After blogging for a while, I understood that I should write like I was talking to my best friend. If you want to learn how to write like you are talking to a friend, click here. Expressing myself and really connecting with my readers.
If you want to truly connect with your readers and get more followers, you need to find your own unique way. Your voice, your style and your authentic way of writing. If you write without thinking what you should write and what not, if you think outside the box and let your imagination flow, you will enjoy writing and it can become easy. You will gain more real followers. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else. Your reader doesn’t need advice or information, but your unique approach to different situations.
How great your blog post might be, there will be always people who don’t like it. We have to find our real readers and attract them, not everyone. If you think to attract everyone, then you will never succeed. Why? Because it is not possible. We all have different interest and different points of view. If you really want to succeed as a blogger, then you have to find your niche. I have written a blog post about niche marketing. Key elements to find your blogging niche. If you are interested click here
It is really important to understand your reader. What is their biggest challenge? What do they like and what not? What is their biggest fear? People always want to read content or buy a product that is written or made just for them. If you want to lose that extra fat to fit in your wedding dress, you don’t search for ordinary weight loss program. You want to buy a product that will solve your problem.
Before writing each of your blog posts, you have to ask yourself. What is my writing goal? Do you want to entertain, educate, inspire or motivate your reader? If know exactly what you want to achieve with your blog post, writing becomes easier. I think that it is really important to add value. You have to offer something valuable in return for your readers time. We, humans, are always asking ourselves: what can I get from it? If your readers don’t see something valuable they can easily turn off and check other similar websites. Your reader has enough choice.
Unlimited content
How can we come with new ideas? Human beings don’t learn things the first time when they hear or see it. You can teach the same material in different ways. Learning only happens when it CHANGES our behavior. Don’t teach your idea until your reader knows them in their head, but teach them until it changes their behavior.
You haven’t learned it until it changed your behavior. We, humans, imagine ourselves as much better learners than we actually are. We love to say that we know something when we actually don’t do it. The more we practice something the more we understand it. In order to really teach something and get your readers to understand it, it is valuable to create different pieces of content with the same basic idea.
For instance, I have read a lot of books about the importance of positive thoughts, but I still didn’t do something to change my negative thoughts. After reading a ton of books about the same idea from different perspectives, I am now conscious of my thoughts. Whenever I focus my thoughts on something that’s not serving me, I consciously think about something else. By every negative thought I ask myself, is there something good about it. If you search for something you will find it. If you want to find red color in your living room, but there is nothing in the color red, you will imagine it.
I will give you a clear example of how you can create different pieces of content with the same basic idea. For instance about fat loss. The core idea is increasing raw green vegetables and decreasing processed sugary foods. I can say stop eating processed sugary foods because these lead to weight gain and start eating green vegetable. Vegetables will fill you up and help you lose weight. But it is not really interesting and captivating. It does not catch your attention. How can I take this basic idea and make it more interesting?
  1. Compare and explain direct connection between eating processed food and healthy green vegetables. I will explain calories in vegetables and in processed foods.
  2. A breakfast that is green tastes great and help you lose weight. It takes only five minutes in the morning and saves your time. I will also explain how eating first thing in the day helps you to boost your metabolism and gives you more energy. I am entering the same basic idea but from different perspectives.
  3. I explain how you will feel thirty minutes after eating white and sugary food. And also how you feel after eating green healthy vegetables. I also explain how your energy level is.
  4. I can also connect eating processed food with a disease. Green vegetables not only reduces fat but also reduces disease. I show you how eating processed food increases disease and eating healthy food decreases disease.
  5. Teach you some tactics on what to do when you crave certain unhealthy foods. I can also create a meal plan for you. I am taking a simple basic idea: eat more healthy green vegetables and less processed food and look at it from five different perspectives.
I really wanted to add a little value to other people with my experience as a blogger. If you want to see more of my blog posts please subscribe.

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  1. your webpage is clean and beautiful. the contents are rich. i bookmarked your page so i could read it later im interested. 🙂

  2. This is very good information. I completely agree that we should be genuine and write as if speaking to a friend. To gain followers, you have to build trust and you can only do that by being who you really are. It is also easier to write if you are being the real you. Thanks you for these tips! I think they are beneficial to any blogger no matter what state of blogging they are in.

  3. This post was full of lots of useful information, some of which I hadn’t considered yet. Will definitely be saving and referring back to this later as well as instituting some of your suggestions. Thanks for the help!

    1. Your welcome! If you are interested you can so subscribe you can find it by contact. I am creating content especial for bloggers each week. I have also a really great community with amazing bloggers. Bloggers for Bloggers If you want to feel free to join us. I am sharing Some great tips tricks video’s and other tools to help bloggers. What makes our group different that we focus on each blogger as a Unique person with own beautiful experience Story.

  4. I really love your article! I strongly agree with the fact that you need to find and own your blogging voice- sure, writing about useful/ important/ popular topics works, but it should still sound like you. And this way, blogging remains fun and a passion for you too.

  5. Connecting with your readers is a key. I struggled when I first started blogging too but I am gradually getting comfortable. These are great tips. Thank you for sharing.

  6. good video! I have never heard of this blogger! I do like her advice of hearing it from that special person 🙂

  7. I struggled a lot in the beginning to find my writing voice. To this day I still hate my first 10 or so blog posts and I used to cringe at promoting them because it just didn’t feel like ‘me’. But maybe a month ago or so something clicked and I really feel like I’ve found my voice and style (fingers crossed).

  8. Great information! I think it is very important to write in a voice that captures the reader. Also, a topic that teaches something is one of the key elements of getting people to read! The

  9. This past month has really been very challenging for me, especially at trying to create a good content. You’ve been very helpful. Which is why I’ve subscribed to your blog.

  10. Thanks for sharing these great tips! As a new blogger, I’m still trying to learn what will work and what won’t …

  11. I once read something like this ” If you want to be a writer, just keep writing, about anything at any time anywhere.” I would say if you want your writings to be well accepted, just keep pouring your heart in them.

  12. Hi, I would like to highlight by biggest takeaway from this article: “Before writing each of your blog posts, you have to ask yourself. What is my writing goal? Do you want to entertain, educate, inspire or motivate your reader?” Keeping you audience in mind and your own personal goal for a post is always important when writing whether it be for a blog post, book or news article.

  13. Hey Malalai,
    Thanks for this awesome post!

    I agree with all that you said especially the importance of promoting your post because having a post published will not guarantee people are seeing it. What I learnt from my mentor is that the amount of time spent and focus we put on writing the actual content and promoting it should be around the same, fifty-fifty. Many people often overlook the importance of promoting their post.

    You have some great advice here. What I would like to add on for people who struggles to come out with content ideas is this: The type of content and what you should write very much depends on what’s your niche and approach. But the general guideline is to start with the What, Why, Who, How that surrounds your topic/niche. (“How to…” type of contents are very common and popular in most of the niches.)

    Once again, thanks for this piece of great information!


  14. The point you make about writing like a conversation. This is something I think is very important. I still think my writing has some way to go with this though.

    1. Yes, it is really important! Thanks for your comment. I will follow you. This is my new website you was a follower can you follow me on my new website if you want to.

  15. Nice tips. Writing should be from the soul, if we want to have a unique writing voice, and following all the rules there are in order to make our posts more readable will eventually silence that voice, and it will make all the posts to lookalike. Tips and rules are good helping hand, but we shall also listen to our own voices.

  16. I am going to be a month old blogger and this article was really helpful for me. Moreover I went through all your links in this blog. I Have bookmarked this blog. Will use when needed. Thanks so much

  17. This is a great post 😀

    I am not entirely new to blogging but it’s only recently that I have started to consider growing my blog site.

    I like how you toke a topic and broke it into more interesting topics to talk about. Also like the ‘talk like your talking to your best friend approach’

  18. The most important thing I’ve learnt within the first month of my blogging is just to be yourself. The moment you express yourself in your writing skills, the sky will definitely be your limit. This is an awesome post.

  19. Thank you for sharing these tips. It is very helpful for me – as I started blogging to show my work I am often struggling to find the right words for the text – but a static website or design portfolio does not give me the opportunity to tell something about my work. Also a blog challenges me to post new artwork regularly

  20. Hi, Greta tips I love how you compare eating healthy to rubbish food and how promoting this can be described in a variety of ways. It has got me rethinking about my blog. Thank you.

  21. Thanks for sharing some great ideas! I’ve be blogging for about two years now and it’s always good to find out new ways to get a bigger following!

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