Hello, wonderful bloggers! My blog recently received the BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD from an established fellow blogger, April from PARIS& JUNE. Thank you, April for selecting my blog and honoring me with such an amazing award. It means a lot to me. It is the second award that Secretsofgreatestminds receives. If you are interested in my nominees from my first BLOGGING RECOGNITION AWARD click here.The best part of receiving this award is to pass this award to 15 bloggers who I admire. So, you might be interested what is BLOGGERS RECOGNITION AWARD?

It’s not an ‘’actual’ ‘award but, fun thing to do between bloggers. I think it is a great way to connect with other bloggers and get more readers.
There are a few rules to follow when accepting this award

• I must thank the blogger who nominated me to provide a link to their blog.
• I must write a post to show the award.
• I must write a brief story on how my blog started.
• I must give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
• I must select 15 bloggers to pass this award to.
• I must comment on each of their blogs to let them know they have been nominated for this award and provide a link to this post.

How Secretsofgreatestminds started
I read, research and explore new ideas. Reading is my daily habit. Every day I am becoming more conscious about my thoughts, habits, and behavior. I have learned so much in the past few years. I use the best ideas to improve my own life. Then one day I saw a YouTube video about blogging. A new world opened for me. I could share my knowledge all these great ideas to help others. Since that day I started with my blog Secrets of greatest minds. It’s truly my greatest heart desire to help you to become the person you most want to be. I share the most valuable ideas and my experiences in my blogs. My purpose is to add value. If I make a difference in the life of just one of my readers, then I know that my hard work and time is worth it.

Advice to new bloggers
I blog a few moths and am also a new blogger. Although I don’t consider myself really experienced, I think each of us can teach us something valuable. My first advice to new bloggers is: don’t listen to any advice at all! You might think what are you talking about? If you don’t express yourself and always thinking what other bloggers are doing, and you compare yourself with other bloggers. It can be really hard to find your own blogging voice. To find your own unique way of expressing yourself. Have patience and take your time. It is a new journey for you, take your time and enjoy it. Do it the way you want it, it is your blog.

My second is: build strong relationships with your readers. Show interest in them. Take every question or comment seriously. Build connections with other bloggers. Support them without expecting something back.

The blogs that I have chosen are unique and add value in some way. I would recommend it to everyone.
Nominees (In no particular order):
1. Chrissy Bee
Chrissy your article never settle really touched me. I really enjoyed reading your honest and meaningful story. Keep up the good work!

2. Saidy Flores
Saidy your so lucky that you can travel the world and share your experience. I really loved your clear and beautiful stories. Your website is easy to navigate and love your theme.

3. Misly Beltinor
Misley your honest story was really worth reading. It is not always easy to share our problems. Nowadays on social media is everyone always happy. Everyone is doing perfect and looking gorgeous, but that’s not real. In real life everyone of us has challenges. Keep up the good work!

4. Farah Jaffrey
Farah, you describe the month of Ramadan so well. I really enjoyed reading it while having my iftaar. Your website looks really beautiful and easy to navigate. I am really interested to read more of your articles. Keep up the good work!

5. Anastasia Sakawsky
Anastasia, nowadays we need more stories like yours. We have to enjoy life more and also the beauty of nature. Your website is so interesting. I really enjoyed reading your latest article. Keep up the good work!

6. Chindusha Srikanthan
Chindusha, after reading your story I am more motivated to exercise. By reading your story, I felt like you were talking to me. Keep up the good work!

7. Becca
Becca, I really love your blog name. You write about a difficult topic, but you write really well. I think you can make a real difference in the life of those with depression. Keep up the good work!

8. Gloria
Gloria, your story can really help people with depression. You really encourage your reader to see life from a different perspective. Keep up the good work!

9. Crisly Zerrudo
Crisly, I read your article courage to let go and move on. I really enjoyed reading your article, it was not just an article but a person talking to me. You can really encourage your reader to let go and move on. I also enjoyed your latest article. Keep up the good work!
10. Laura Jane Kefford
Laura, you know that your blog really inspired me. I have no words to describe your amazing blog. I suggest everyone read your unique blog posts. I really fell in love with your blog. Keep up the good work!

11. Niharika Roychoudhury
Niharika, I really like quotes and books. I really loved the way you described your own thoughts about quotes. Keep up the good work!

12. Lydia Amadi Chinyere
Lydia, your tips are great, we don’t need to hurt someone to break up. It is so easy these days to break up, but we have to remember that we all are humans. You can always communicate explain why it is not working, without hurting each other.

13. Nelly Wanjiku Kung’u
Nelly, your story was beautiful to read.I liked your other articles also. Keep up the good work!

14. Michelle Kujawa
Michelle, you describe attachment so well. I really learned a lot from your article. I reall love your blog name. Keep up the good work!

15. Aimal Khan

Aiman really useful website. We all can use your knowledge. Keep up the good work.
Congratulations! I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep up the good work. Thank you, April again for nominating me for this award.


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