14 Actionable Blog SEO Tips to Skyrocket Your (Traffic)

Do you want to rank high in Google?

In this article I will share 14 actionable SEO tips, that will instantly drive free organic traffic to your blog. After reading a ton of articles about SEO, my own experience and reading a really valuable SEO book, I can call myself a little experienced.

When I first started blogging, I heard a lot of times about SEO, but I completely ignored everything with SEO.  If I knew how important SEO was for my traffic, I would really take it more seriously from the beginning. If you want to rank higher in search engines, you need to optimize your blog for search engines.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO  is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is when you type a certain word in the google search. Google finds the most relevant content for your search and orders it by relevance. If you create content and have those search terms in your content, you can get free organic traffic.

Why is SEO important to you?

It is important to have good SEO, to get consistent traffic to your blog. You can’t just rely on social media posts to drive consistent traffic to your blog.

SEO Tips

Google (Suggest) If you write a content about a specific subject, before using that specific word search in google to see what are the top suggested terms list. Use the same terms in your content.


Include LSI keywords (latent semantic index keywords) keywords that are related to your main keyword logically. These keywords are necessary to help search engines perceive where is your page all about. See the video below for more details.

Maybe you refuse to link quality websites to your website, because of the competition. You should link out to quality websites. It is good for your readers, and it will bring you ranking benefits through building trust and relevance based on what sites you link to. Linking quality websites really helped me. Here is a quality link if you want to master SEO tools.

Include video and images. When you link a video to your blog post, your readers will click and watch the video. When a reader spends more time on your website it is a sign for Google that your website adds value. Google will send more free organic traffic to your website.

Google values relevancy If your content answers the questions of the search better than other results  (according to google) it will rank higher. If you can create relevant content and insert keywords, you can easily rank higher in Google.

Grammatically correct: It is important to use correct grammar for a good impression and authority. Use free Grammarly extension www.grammarly.com.

Write original content Writing a great content takes a lot of your time, but search engines love fresh and valuable content. If you want to learn how to write great content click here.

Content length. My content length is anything longer than 800 words. If you can write a content in depth it means that you have a little expertise about the subject.

When you write your title for your content, keep in mind the search terms. Insert keywords in your blog title.

Subtitle: Use keywords in your subtitle, it will help your content ranking.

Be consistent: By writing fresh content regularly, you let search engines know that your website is up to date. As you become a trusted and successful brand, users will seek out your pages on a subject area and will have expectations that you want to fulfill.

Internal linking is good for SEO. By linking internal your keep your reader longer on your website. It is also a great way to show search engines where to look for further relevant content. For instance here is an internal link to my other related blog post that can help you.


Best plugins to improve your SEO rankings.

  1. WordPress SEO by YoastSEMrush
  2. Google keyword planner
  3. Keyword Tool.io
  4. Open Site Explorer
  5. Link Patrol
  6. Broken Link Checker
  7. Rel NoFollow Checkbox
  8. SEOquake

Bonus tip 1. Find a niche. 2.Find keywords in that specific niche which have low competition. 3. Finally, create content for that specific niche.
Watch one of the best videos about SEO!

If you interested in learning more about SEO click here.

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  1. Very cool! I liked how you provided a list to some useful plug-ins. Also, is there a translate button in wordpress.. I’m getting a different language on this comment box.

  2. Well, I spent an awfully long time on this post reading the content and watching the video. These are all tips I knew and used before, but to have them together in one post is like a blueprint that can be applied to all my new content. The video at the end of the content really works wonders for bounce rate. Good job.

  3. Thank you so much!! The video thing is SUCH a good idea, I’m definitely going to start implementing things that’ll help people stay longer. I never thought of that as being so valuable to Google but obviously it is!! I’m definitely pinning this post

  4. Yet another great post, where i am always excited to learn new tips from. Though i am still taking it one step at a time. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for this! I just started and need all the information possible to be successful! This was easy to read and follow 🙂

  6. Really good tips! I still suck at consistency, but it’s my goal to start keeping that up. Great tip about including videos to keep your reader on the site for longer. I am looking into creating videos, so this is something I’m aiming to do.

  7. Thank you for this! I really didn’t understand much about SEO but as a new blogger myself, I need to learn.

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    Thank you for sharing this awesome information with us!!!
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  9. I also heard a lot about SEO but did not take the time to learn about it until I read this. As a new blogger, I am having problems in increasing traffic and getting people to notice my blog so thank you. This will helped me a lot.

  10. Hi, thanks for sharing some great tips. I use Google to help with key words. I need to think about using links to other blogs and websites.

  11. Totally didn’t know about the video tip and never thought of how it could keep a reader there longer lol. Thanks for the headsup and the additional tips. Going to definitely start utilizing some of them right now

  12. Great post! Thanks for the tips!
    However, what do you mean with ” If you can write a content in depth it means that you have a little expertise about the subject.”?
    I tend to appreciate detail. 🙂

  13. I am still learning SEO. It is a lot to take in when you first start. I had a youtube I was not sure about adding my videos to my website. I did not want to add to the load time. If it does not slow it down then I will go ahead and try that. I am always willing to learn more about SEO

  14. Thanks for this! I’ve only been blogging about a month and am learning as I go. I recently downloaded Yoast SEO plug in and it’s been helpful. I didn’t know about Google (Suggest) so I’m DEFINITELY going to be using that now….I need to spend some time playing with it to figure it out.

  15. I really really needed this. I’m trying to improve my SEO ranking, and my goal this year is to have it be my #1 referrer. I didn’t know that if you link your video in it gives you better SEO either, that is interesting. Also linking to high DA websites is also a great tip I have been a little reluctant to try b/c I don’t want to lose readers. Thanks for the great info!

  16. Great post. I implied some of these and managed to some decent website traffic, must say it takes a lot of hard work to create an amazing post keeping all the points in mind. Thanks for sharing.

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