5 Amazing Youtube Channels For Bloggers Worth watching (Right Now)

 Hello, wonderful bloggers! Thank you for taking time reading my new blog post. Before I share 5 best youtube channels for bloggers with you, I want to share a really valuable idea that has really helped me. Here is the idea DON’T KEEP YOUR BEST IDEA’S SECRET. (Eben Pagan). Most of us keep our best idea’s secret. If you don’t show people what you have to offer. If they don’t see any value they will not give you any attention at all. If you give your best ideas for free, your reader or customer will think if his or her free idea is so valuable then what they are selling must be even greater.

In this article, I want to share with you 5 youtube channels that had a huge impact on my motivation to blog. I am really excited to share these channels with you. Blogging can be really challenging especially in the beginning. You’re working so hard and spending so much time to write valuable and useful content. I have learned so much from these channels that I wanted to share it with you. This article will be shorter than usual.

Why should you watch these youtube channels and follow these bloggers?


It is so important to be a consisted writer. I know it can be really challenging especially if you have other responsibilities like me. I am a mom of two little kids and also have a day job. It is really hard to make time to blog. I really wanted some motivation and inspiration to keep working on my blog daily. These youtube channels really inspired me and I am really excited to watch every new video.


Blogging is not easy. When I started I knew nothing about blogging. I didn’t even know about blogging groups. I was really alone with my blog. I had no readers expect my family. I was searching on youtube how to blog? How to become a successful blogger. I have learned the importance of valuable content. I have learned about social media. I learned about the importance of a blogging niche. I started my own group to help other bloggers. When you can follow a successful blogger who can teach you everything, blogging can become easy and fun. I am sure once you spend some time watching these channels, you will really thank me for sharing it with you.

Youtube Channel number 1

Create and Go

I can’t describe how great this channel is. If you knew the value of this free channel you would even pay for. In this Channel Alex and his wife are helping bloggers to become a successful blogger. This channel has 12K followers on youtube. They earn together 30.000 in a month from their blog. Createandgo.com See also the video below this article!

Youtube Channel 2

Allison Lindstrom

Also a great youtube channel for bloggers. Allison helps women bloggers to build a powerful blogging business. She has 6 K followers on youtube and also earns money from her blog and youtube channel. Her Blog address Allisonlindstrom.com

Youtube Channel 3

The Blog Beautician

This channel was really helpful to me. Dena is also a successful blogger. She helps also bloggers o build a blogging business. The Blog Beautician has 22K followers on youtube.



Youtube Channel 4

Brian Dean

This is a different youtube channel. Brian teaches bloggers about SEO. This is one of the best channels that really helped me with my BLOG SEO. Brian has 59K followers on youtube. His tips are really actionable and useful. Blog backlinco.com

Youtube Channel 5

Neil Patel

This youtube channel is about SEO. He is always on page 1 of google. He shares really valuable ideas. Neil Patel has 8K followers. Blog www.neilpatel.com

     Watch this video! Create and Go Youtube Channel

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24 thoughts on “5 Amazing Youtube Channels For Bloggers Worth watching (Right Now)

  1. This list hits close to home – Watching one of Create and Go vids was what finally gave me the last bit of motivation I needed to start my blog and I just signed up for their Pinterest course. Phase Two of my blog is going to be tying it in with a Youtube channel and I’ve been watching Neil Patels YT vids and taking notes. And I just “discovered” Brian Dean and for the first time started to understand SEO.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas! there are so many different directions you can go in as a blogger…hard to figure out which is the best for me!

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