11 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic By 101% (Right Now)

Each time I write a new a new article, I read a lot of great articles from extremely high-traffic blogs like Lifehacker. I am sitting here in front of my laptop and thinking how to make this post really valuable. while drinking a cup of green tea. I really enjoy the time that I spend writing my blog posts. I really appreciate your time so let’s get started.

So you are here to learn how to get free traffic to your blog. If you expect easy ways you are in the wrong place. Everything takes time and effort also getting traffic. In this article, I am going to reveal eleven secrets or unexpected places where you can get free traffic.
I have written a really useful blog post with more than 115 social media shares. If you are interested click here, but I am really excited to share these eleven tips that will boost your blog traffic. Why should someone read your blog post? Or maybe better question why should you read my blog post right now? Because I will reveal actionable tips that you can apply right now. If you are interested then keep reading.

1. Social media
You need to start building a tribe on social media. (Facebook groups was one that really worked for me).

2. The Secret
The real secret is to take traffic that you already have and optimize it. It means making easier to share and to subscribe to your blog. How do you do that? By using sharing buttons.

3. SumoMe App
I can’t describe how helpful this app is. It is a WordPress plug-in that helps you with traffic and makes it easy for your reader to subscribe to your blog.

4. Quora
Use Quora to drive free organic traffic to your blog. Quora is an online platform that connects the questions of real people with the information and solutions provided by real people. Understand your reader. Know what your reader really wants. If you use Quora you can help yourself.

5. Reddit
People submit links to Reddit such as photo, article, video and other people vote those links up or down. A list of best things that people read on the internet. Reddit means I have already read it.

6. Forums A community where you can share your challenges problems and ask questions. Other people will answer your questions. You can use free forums to get free organic traffic. Answer questions and add value. You can leave your link in forums and get free traffic.

7. Linkedin A popular social media platform for professionals. Take the first paragraph of your article and paste it. If someone is interested they can click to continue reading

8. Small blogs within your niche go to all these blogs and leave comments to provide insights don’t spam, then leave your blog link.

9. Stumbleupon is a social media bookmarking website. They have 30 million users. It allows users to like various websites and share it with friends on social media. Use StumbleUpon plug-in. Don’t just promote your own articles or website only. Follow powerful profiles.

10. Facebook groups These groups are so helpful for bloggers. You can ask questions, share your content and help other bloggers. I have my own facebook group 2000+ active members.
If you can answer questions and add value in these groups everyone can see it. You will get free blog traffic from Facebook groups.

I will share eight Facebook groups that really helped me
• Bloggers for Bloggers blogging community (active group with lots of benefits and daily promotion threads)
• Bloggers supporting each other (helpful group)
• Share your blog tips and tricks (great group)
• Create and Go (professional bloggers and YouTubers)
• The Blogging Connection (really great group and kind admin)
• Lovely Bloggers (This group is also helpful to gain traffic)
• ProBlogger Community (Professional bloggers and a top community)
• Bloggers Supporting Bloggers (active group)

11. Buzzsumo use Buzzsumo for content ideas
If you search on Buzzsumo for a keyword it will show you all popular articles related to that keyword. Take these articles and write a better one. If you write a better article it will also get a lot of social shares.

If you really want to get free traffic to your blog, it will require some effort from your side. Use the tips I have shared with you and be patient. I want to share an idea that had a huge impact on my life. Whatever you want in your live blog traffic or something else. Ask yourself the following question. Am I interested in …..or Am I committed and want to reach my goal whatever it takes. You see there is a difference between committed and interested. If you are just interested you hope that you will reach your goal some day, but if you are committed you can’t have excuses you will reach your goals whatever it takes. If you are committed, you will take action daily. When you take action every day you are a step closer to your goal. If you like my article please subscribe to my blog. You can also join my facebook group Bloggers for Bloggers.

A really interesting video from Neil Patel about blog Traffic.

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36 thoughts on “11 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic By 101% (Right Now)

  1. I’m definitely going to download the SumoMe plugin, I’ve been looking for a good subscription plugin for a while! I’ve also never heard of Quora, have just signed up and it seems a little bit like reddit, so I’m excited to see how it works! Thanks for the tips!

  2. First to say thanks . You shared a very informative and valuable article.. .!! I had no idea about driving traffic from forums and quora so I’m going to try it now. All your points and links here are very useful. ll try to follow all ur future posts. Thnks for sharing

  3. Great tips! I am still learning about gaining traffic. I use Google plus, Facebook, and Instagram. I have a Twitter made, but don’t really use it. I didn’t know that Facebook had blog groups you can join, so I did find a few on there. 😁
    Let me know what you think of my blog at reclaimingmysanity.com

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