8 Unexpected Ways To Increase Your (Blog Traffic) In 2017

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After reading Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuk, I am so excited to share a few valuable tips with you. Give Give Give then ask! Gary Vaynerchuk,  This is so true! We all want free organic traffic to our blog. We want to sell our book or products and earn money. Ask yourself why should someone who does not know you, buy your product. Why should someone who does not trust you read your content? What will your reader get by reading your content? There are enough blogs that your reader can read. Ask yourself these questions! If you want to increase your blog Traffic then keep reading……..I am really excited to share these actionable tips with you. So you want more blog Traffic? In this article, I am going to share the tips that worked for me.

Share more than once

If you share once on social media, you will miss all those people who missed your post.

Get your Facebook text right 

If you share your content on social media, don’t just share. Tell a personal story, share a part of your content that might be interesting. Ask a question to engage your reader. Think about your headline. Everyone is sharing their content, but a few bloggers can hold your attention. Stop being like everyone else, and do it your own unique way.

Content is everything

Did you hear of Lifehack? It is a trusted brand that everyone knows. Lifehack has given their reader a lot of value. Why should someone visit your website and read your content, when there are so many other bloggers who write about the same subject? Because you will add value and help your reader in your unique way. What makes your blog so special? Writing useful and valuable content is the most important part for bloggers.

Create content that people want to share. Sharing is one of the most important things in 2017 that you can do to help yourself rank higher in the search engines. Why? Think about yourself. If you visit a blog that has more than 1K shares you will trust the content more. You will also take it more seriously. People only share content that helped them in some way.

Share your experience to help another person. Try to write about subjects that people are really looking for. You can use Pinterest to investigate what people are searching for.

Attention!!!!!! It is really hard for me to keep your attention here because there are so many distractions nowadays. But I have your attention by just using the word ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!

I have written a very detailed blog post about creating useful content. This post has more than 115 social media shares. If you are really interested in increasing your blog traffic then click here.

Facebook groups

Participate in facebook groups. Don’t just share your content, but think of different ways how to get other people’s attention. Write clickable titles and subtitles. Share a personal story or experience. Share the reason why is it important that people read your article. I personally try to focus on one social media. If you are everywhere and master nothing you can’t succeed. Try to master one social media at a time.

Visiting other blogs in your niche

Do you connect with other blogs in your niche? It is really important to visit regularly other blogs and make yourself known.  If you leave a great comment with your URL people want to know who you are. They will visit your website. If you regularly do that you can get free organic traffic.


Being consistent is everything. Everyone can write once or a few months, but a few will keep writing no matter what. If you have a clear why you will not quit. If you know exactly what you want you will keep going no matter what happens.

If you are a consistent writer and you help others in some way, and your content is valuable, unique and solves a problem, then keep writing. If there is one other person who you have inspired with your content then keep writing. If you have a purpose with your content, you will succeed. It will take time and effort to reach your goal, but you must stay focused.

SEO friendly

Include a headline that users might search for in google search. Try to provide really useful information to help your audience. Include key words in your content.


A beautiful quote by GaryVee is

Give Value

Give Value

Give Value

AND then Ask for Business

Give your reader enough reasons to visit your website. If someone reads your content and your info is valuable, they will take action.  If after reading my article you will take one tip and apply it, I have reached my goal with this article.

Try to take every visitor on your website seriously. Reply to each comment. Build a real connection with your readers, subscribers. Don’t search for new visitors, but deepen your relationship with the visitors you have. I have read an amazing book that really changed my mind. Crush it! by GaryVee.

  • Add your link anywhere where you have a presence online
  • Your blog design is important

Blogging takes a lot of time and effort. If you like blogging and have a subject that you love writing about, you will have a lot of fun blogging.

27 thoughts on “8 Unexpected Ways To Increase Your (Blog Traffic) In 2017

    1. You can share as often as you want, but I would share in three four times a day. I suggest you using different facebook text.

  1. This was such a great and informative post, thankyou! I’ve always been a part of Facebook communities but since joining specific blogger groups I’ve notice a massive difference!

  2. Right when I needed it. I’m in the middle of increasing the traffic on my site. You are absolutely right on getting that facebook text just perfect part, I haven’t paid much attention to it… until now! Thank you, I’ll be lookin out for more content like this from you 🙂

  3. It has been almost 1.5 month since I got into blogging and have learned a lot through your posts and have tried to imply those tips as much as I can. Your posts are always informative and inspiring.

  4. Thank you for these tips. I’m in the early stages of my blog, so these tips are right on time for me! I particularly like what you said about visiting blogs in my niche. As I’ve been working on building traffic, I’ve discovered quite a few writers in my niche that I really respect, and actually want to connect with and support. So that’s an excellent suggestion. My main focus right now is to be patient. I definitely have something I want to say. I’m not just putting content on the internet. I really want to reach people with my ideas. So being patient and focusing on quality content is such great advice. Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Ms. Finks | http:/IintimateExplorations.com

  5. Awesome post! I love the last part: “If you like blogging and have a subject you love writing about, you will have fun blogging.” It’s so true! As long as it’s fun and you’re enjoying yourself,I feel like the rest will fall into place.

  6. Thank for these tips! I would like to learn more about SEO. I’ve heard many bloggers say that Google is their main traffic driver, from people searching for specific context.

    Keep posting!

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