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Hi! This subject is so close to my heart. I am passionate about it. I read more than five years about this subject, and see a lot of improvements myself. I want to guide you, to be your friend in this journey. You might ask which journey? Building strengths, improving ourselves, learning to create our peace and happiness. Yes, you heard it right we have to take steps each day to create our health, wealth and happiness. It is what I and you do with your precious time that really matters. I have a little story to share…………..

I had a friend who had no inner strengths. Everyone could make her feel a certain way. She was really insecure about herself and her looks. She praised always others and felt always less than others. Your beliefs, the way your parents raised you and the voices you heard when you were a little child determines your confidence. That is your programming. When you are a little child you believe everything you hear from your parents and others. The voices become your inner voice even when you are an adult. It is so important to know that you can change it. You can make your own decisions and do the things that you love. You don’t need to always do what other people expect from you. You can live your life by your own values. It takes some effort from your side, but I promise you it is worth your valuable time. You can’t even imagine how confident and happy you will feel. Are you interested to know how to start? Then keep reading.

What is an inner strength? It is not your physical strength, but your inner strengths character, mental strength. There is nothing more important to work on then your inner strength. You have to do something about it. It is not something that someone else can do for you. It is a change that you must create.

You’re giving other people permission to make you feel a certain way. Recognise that sometimes it happens without you knowing about it. Before you know it someone made you feel less, unworthy or unlovable. No one gives knowingly permission to someone else to make them feel bad.

We all have the ability to get better at this. This is a skill. That means that we can learn it. We can become stronger by exercise. The next time something happens or someone triggers something in you that makes you feel a certain way: before responding to it before owning it, I want you to stop yourself and ask; Do I deserve to feel this way? am I a bad person? am I unlovable? Honestly, ask this question without thinking of this particular situation or person.

If you made a habit feeling that feeling, owning that identity that that person triggered in you, yes you have made a habit of giving your power away and feeling bad. You have given other people permission to take away your power. You want to own the fact that you are confident, you want to own the fact that you don’t need everyone else permission, you want to own the fact that you are not a people pleaser. If you feel a certain way every time someone triggers some feeling in you other than your family or close friends, you made a habit of giving your own power away.

Hold on your positive energy, don’t give your power away. Be self-aware. There are people who trigger negative emotions in us.  Every time it happens recognise it and stop yourself from owning that feeling or that identity. We will break the habit for allowing people to make us feel a certain way that we don’t deserve. It is not logical.

I  had a friend who struggled so much with her inner strength. She was always so insecure about herself. Everyone could make her feel a certain way. She was always doing things what other people wanted her to do. In order to feel better about herself. I felt really bad about it. I wanted to help my friend. I wanted to explain how great she was. But No One can help us expect ourselves. For circumstances to change we need to change. We need to take that first step. We need to exercise that muscle of inner strengths.  We need to know ourselves better. We need to know that no matter what happens to us, we are going to be fine. We are strong enough to deal with every situation in life.

Can you relate to my story? Do you want to learn more about inner strength? Please let me know by leaving your comment below. Then I can write more about this topic that inspires me.

24 thoughts on “Build Inner Strength

  1. I believe that all of us (in one way or another) do this to ourselves and some of us do it more than others. It is difficult for me at least to not be my own worst critic and I care too much what people think sometimes. I’ve never thought of it in terms of “giving power away to others”. This is a great way to think about it, because you can then decide for yourself whether or not this person deserves this power over you. And if they do deserve this power, then it is someone who is building you up.

    I hope your friend is able to find their inner strengths. You should keep writing about this topic as you are passionate about it and it is what you want to do. You shouldn’t give that power to us to decide whether or not to pursue it. 🙂

    Great post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Life for me was kind ofmiserable when i used to pay so much attention on what people said to me. Working on my inner strengths as made life more fun and easier to deal with. Now I’m more optimistic, confident and less vulnerable to toxic utterances, and yes, inner strength is something only you can improve for yourself.

  3. I struggle with this myself. It’s taken me awhile, but I have gotten better at finding my inner strength. And if I stop and ask myself – what about this person is letting them trigger me – it helps me keep things in a better perspective. Sometimes, it’s better just to distance yourself from toxic people. I always repeat to myself “People who are always finding faults in others have no time to fix their own.” It helps!

    1. Wow! Happy that you have commented.I love the latest sentence it is so true. I am too working on building my inner strengths and what helps me is if I feel bad because someone triggered me then I have given all my power to a person that does not deserve it.

  4. This process of learning is never ending! It’s been 7 years since I got into the whole self-improvement thing, and a whole new world opened up before me! I don’t know where I would be now if I did not change the way I think! Great post! xx

    1. Thanks same here. I am really passionate about this subject and now I can connect with all these amazing like minded people on a deeper level

  5. Thanks so much for the reminder! I tend to allow people to make me feel the way they are feeling or want me to feel. But I have been working on standing up for myself in situations and owning my own feelings instead of others’ feelings. It definitely isn’t easy to do!

  6. This is a very inspiring post for me. Lately I have been feeling down and not knowing what to do. Finding my inner strength is important and I can read why from your post.

  7. It’s so important that we don’t “give our power away” – so true. This is something that I have struggled with for a long time. I have finally decided to look after myself FIRST. It is impossible to look after yourself without disappointing someone…. but then again, if someone is disappointed in you looking after yourself, then that someone really doesn’t care about you. This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  8. This is truly an inspirational post. Inner strength is so very important as it builds confidence in oneself. We’ll find many negative people around us, who will never say any good about us. Avoid those people and let them go off. We must remember our journey through life during those difficult times. Getting surrounded by positive people helps you feel good. I would love reading more on inner-strength.

  9. This is the type of blog post I love to read. As someone with anxiety & depression I often struggle with my inner strength. I know that it’s there but it often stays hidden underneath all the problems in my life. Your blog post is inspiring and powerful. Thank you for sharing it.

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