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How to create blog content that gets real (traffic)

In this article, you are going learn how to get real readers for your blog. How can you write content that people want to read? There are so many great bloggers out there how can you stand out when you just started out? Although I also see myself as a beginner, I can share that Read More


Key elements to find your blogging (niche)

Key elements to find your blogging (niche) If you are struggling to define your niche or a topic, then I suggest you read this article until the end. In this article, I am going to teach you exactly how you can find your perfect niche, step by step. After reading this article you will not Read More


5 quick tips to increase your value as a person

What does it mean to become more valuable as a person? It means you increase your knowledge and experiences that give you the wisdom to contribute in a meaningful way in life, business, or a project. You increase your value as you learn more. There is always room for improvement. We all know this, but don’t Read More

10 scientific interesting things you didn’t know about people.

1.‘’We are interested in people. We love to see people and learn about people, and we love explanations that involve their desires, loves, and conflicts.’’ 2.‘’We pay particular attention to things we hope or fear are true. Hopes gives us pleasure, and fear, though we might not particularly enjoy it, demands our attention.’’ 3.‘’We love Read More