Hey, I’m Malalai and I studied Law at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and I am a part-time blogger right now. I am married and mother of two beautiful kids.

It is truly my greatest heart desire to help bloggers find encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to achieve their dreams. This is a Blog that helps bloggers to grow their traffic and add income streams to their blogs.

I started blogging in 2016. I love reading and writing in general. I read a ton of books and listen to the best material out there. I read self-improvement books. After a while, I decided to put it on paper for myself and a blog was a good way to do that. When a couple of people said they found my blog very useful, I started to write more and more. After a few months being an active member in a few Facebook groups, I knew that wanted to help other bloggers. Right now I am reading a lot of books about blogging. I started my own Facebook group Bloggers for Bloggers to help other bloggers.  Bloggers for Bloggers is an active community with 2300+members.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog.